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When souls are split in half by an evil ruler of the Dark worlds, the halves must find each other and reunite to prevent that same evil from invading Earth.
The Book of Phoenix trilogy is complete! All three books – The Space Between, The Space Beyond, and The Space Within are available now. Discover this New Adult paranormal romance series by Kristie Cook, the award-winning author of the internationally bestselling Soul Savers Series. The first book is always free in ebook format!
Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED this one! I’ve been a fan of Kristie Cook’s since Promise (Soul Savers), and I was thrilled to pick up her new series…The story’s twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat, and although the ending is by no means a cliff hanger, I still cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!!” – S.T. Bende, Author of The Elsker Saga
I knew to expect a good story; I had no idea just how good it was going to be, though.” – Julie K., She Reads New Adult Blog
Wow, just wow! I simply fell in love with this book. The plot just blew my mind, there are no words that could give it the praise it deserves…This most definitely is in my top 5 BEST books of 2013.” – Stacey, Sassy Booklovers Blog
Awesomesauce with a huge side of OH HELL YEAH!!” – Jenn Green, Amazon reviewer
“What made this book truly enjoyable and had me falling in love with it was the fact that Jeric has a disability and it doesn’t keep him down, he doesn’t allow it to bring him down, and I truly loved that about this book.” – Andrewsheath, Top 1000 Amazon reviewer
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